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Framework for Global Education

Global education provides a framework for genuine and meaningful cross-curriculum links. Students can draw on knowledge and skills acquired from other subjects to develop their understanding of global issues.

There are five learning emphases or themes that global education explores.

By exploring the five learning emphases students are provided with opportunities to see themselves as global citizens who can actively participate in, and contribute to, a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

The five learning emphases are:

  • Interdependence and globalisation
  • Identity and cultural diversity
  • Social justice and human rights
  • Peace building and conflict resolution
  • Sustainable futures

Students can engage with these themes when thorough planning and well-designed resources that suit the individual context are used in the classroom. The integration of global education works best with learner-centred and inquiry based activities.

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A framework for the development of active global citizenship in NSW schools.

Global education is a perspective which broadens students’ outlook to become active, engaged citizens of the global community. It provides deep learning opportunities for the exploration of all subjects through the five global education learning emphases: interdependence and globalisation;identity and cultural diversity; social justice and human rights; peace building and conflict resolution; and sustainable futures.

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