Delivering GE through the curriculum

The NSW syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum K-10 include specific content that has been identified as important learning for all students. The Board of Studies NSW labels this content learning across the curriculum; it includes the cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities.   ‘Cross curriculum priorities enable students to develop understanding about and address the contemporary issues they face…General capabilities encompass the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to assist students to live and work successfully in the 21st century.’ (2013)

Learning across the curriculum content is supported by global education teaching and learning which offers students and teachers opportunities to:

  • take in and develop an understanding of the dynamic nature of human society;
  • explore and develop an understanding of the 21st century areas of: diversity, inequality, global justice, peace building, sustainability and the effect of change;
  • experience a co-operative learning environment that promotes active citizenship;
  • develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills in a collaborative setting;
  • appreciate the beliefs and contributions of diverse groups of people; and
  • develop understanding, knowledge, and positive values and attitudes as a citizen of the world.

The GEPNSW booklet Global Perspectives: A framework for the development of active citizenship in NSW schools provides a practical guide to the aims, purpose and integration of global education across all KLAs and stages.


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