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Australia’s early Asian history

asian histA unit, in which a student:

  • HT4-2 describes major periods of historical time and sequences events, people and societies from the past
  • HT4-3 describes and assesses the motives and actions of past individuals and groups in the context of past societies
  • HT4-4 describes and explains the causes and effects of events and developments of past societies over time
  • HT4-6 uses evidence from sources to support historical narratives and explanations
  • HT4-7 identifies and describes different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the past

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  • Subjects: HSIE, History
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Globalisation, Sustainable Futures
  • Stages: Stage 4


Indonesian artist – AFFANDI

affandiThis case study is focused on one of the most famous and influential artists in Indonesia, Affandi. It will provide opportunities for students (Years 9-10) to investigate Asian perspectives and inter-cultural understandings through Visual Arts by examining artistic approaches, artist intentions, cultural influences, materials and paint application used to express emotion and feelings and explicit practical procedures to make artworks ,This is a very ‘hands on’ approach to artmaking. This case study model assists students by providing and scaffolding starting points for their research, investigation and responses. The case study also includes activities that students will enjoy while gaining a more in-depth appreciation of the artist, Affandi.

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  • Subjects: Visual Arts
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Globalisation, Human Rights, Peace Building, Social Justice
  • Stages: Stage 5


Indonesia: Places are similar and different

indonesiaPlaces are both similar and different continues to develop students' understanding of place by examining the similarities and differences between places within and outside Australia.

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  • Subjects: HSIE, Geography
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Globalisation, Identity
  • Stages: Stage 2


Where's Dr X? Developing a sense of location within Asia

drxWhere’s Dr.X? – inspired by the old Carmen Sandiego games – aims to help students practice and apply some of their knowledge of the locations of cities and countries around Asia, as well as some of their more general knowledge too. It is designed to be achieved in a relatively short period of time, but creative teachers should have little trouble extending it as necessary.

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  • Subjects: Geography
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Globalisation, Identity
  • Stages: Stage 3, Stage 4
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