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Wayang Puppets in Indonesia

puppetThis unit provides students with an opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of Indonesian culture through their creative and performing arts. Students will study the concept of how the creative and performing arts are used in Indonesia as an embodiment of heritage, traditions, religion and history. The assessment will build upon the class investigation of Wayang puppets, and allow students to investigate another creative or performing art with Indonesia. The aim is to provide students with an understanding of the origins, symbolism and function, but also how the art has changed to suit the younger generation’s interest in their traditional culture.

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  • Subjects: Visual Arts, Performing Arts
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Globalisation, Identity
  • Stages: Stage 4


Aquatic Life In Indonesia

ind seaThe aim of this unit “Aquatic life in Indonesia” enables Stage One students to learn about, understand, appreciate and reflect on Indonesia through a variety of Key Learning Areas including, English, Science, History, Geography and Creative and Performing Arts. Students will enjoy learning about the country of Indonesia through an aquatic themed unit of work.

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  • Subjects: English, Science & Technology, HSIE, History, Geography, Performing Arts
  • Topics: Culture, Environment, Identity
  • Stages: Stage 1


Prolific Pioneers: The Muslim Cameleers

camelA unit of work, exploring the role the Muslim cameleers played in opening up the Australian continent, with a specific focus on their legacy.

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  • Subjects: Performing Arts
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Globalisation, Human Rights, Identity, Peace Building, Social Justice
  • Stages: Stage 3


Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Delhi, India

gloriaA case study for stage 6 Business Studies

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  • Subjects: Business Studies
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Human Rights, Identity, Social Justice, Sustainable Futures
  • Stages: Stage 6
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