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Diwali in India

diwaliStudents learn about this festival and make comparisons with Australian New Year.

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  • Subjects: Geography
  • Topics: Culture
  • Stages: Stage 2, Stage 3


Contemporary Issues in India

cont indThis article provides information and discussion points about religion, caste, dowry and honour killing in contemporary India.

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  • Subjects: HSIE, History, Geography, Society & Culture
  • Topics: Interdependence, Culture, Globalisation, Identity
  • Stages: Stage 5


Global Education News - a retrospective calendar November 2014 - 2015

Global Education News is a monthly communication updating readers about global issues, current global education events and new materials. We have collated the past year events featured in our newsletters in one handy calendar. This calendar will be a helpful planning tool for schools wishing to implement global perspectives in teaching programs. Use the calendar to plan for the major events in the upcoming school year, and click on the links to download past newsletters, which feature the events and provide links and suggested teaching resources.

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  • Subjects: All KLAs
  • Topics: Food, Gender, Health, Interdependence, Active Global Citizenship, Climate Change, Culture, Education, Environment, Globalisation, Human Rights, Identity, Peace Building, Poverty Reduction, Social Justice, Water
  • Stages: Early Stage 1, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5


Mathematics: Using Gapminder

gapminderThis stage 4 unit, written by the Mathematical Association of New South Wales Incorporated, utilises the Gapminder dynamic graph Wealth and Health of Nations available at This graph maps life expectancy against income per person for each year from 1800 to 2012. (This website provides a wealth of other statistical data that can be used in the teaching and learning of Statistics). The unit comes with an accompanying worksheet for students.

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  • Subjects: Mathematics
  • Topics: Social Justice
  • Stages: Stage 4
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