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Visual Arts: Touch the Earth Lightly

vaThis stage 5 Visual Arts unit explores ideas and attitudes to the Land and the Environment. The work of artists and architects will be explored in reference to this subject and also in reference to Global Education perspectives. Students will create artworks that reflect their observations and responses to their study of the built environment as subject matter in art. The programme focuses on Global perspectives and how artists have expressed and explored these interests through artmaking and critical investigations. The Global Education Project NSW acknowledges the contribution of this unit by the Visual Arts and Design Educators of NSW.

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  • Subjects: Visual Arts
  • Topics: Culture, Environment, Identity, Sustainable Futures
  • Stages: Stage 5


It's a Jungle out there

jungleThis study guide focuses on the impacts of Palm Oil production in Indonesia and Malaysia. The study guide has been designed to demonstrate the importance of sustainability, deforestation, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity using the impacts of Palm Oil production as its primary case study.

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  • Subjects: HSIE, Geography
  • Topics: Interdependence, Environment, Globalisation, Sustainable Futures
  • Stages: Stage 5


Integrating Asia into English

engA range of activities to integrate Asia for the new BOSTES English Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum (Stage 4)

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  • Subjects: English
  • Topics: Interdependence, Globalisation
  • Stages: Stage 4


Analysis of photographs

ana photoThis article informs viewers to take critical look at photographs. Do they educate people or do they reinforce myths and stereotypes? Do they indicate the great diversity that exists in the developing world?

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  • Subjects: All KLAs
  • Topics: Interdependence, Active Global Citizenship, Culture, Education, Globalisation, Human Rights, Identity, Peace Building, Social Justice
  • Stages: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5
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