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Case Studies

School: Presbyterian Ladies' College, Armidale, NSW

Stage/Year: Year 5 and 6

During Term 2, 2013 Year 5 and 6 at PLC Armidale studied the units: 'Study of an Asian Culture' and 'Global Connections'. These units incorporated the Australian Curriculum cross curriculum priority areas: Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia and Sustainability.

Throughout this project students developed their knowledge and understanding of Asian societies, cultures, beliefs and environments, and connections between the peoples of Asia, Australia, and the rest of the world. It also provided opportunities for individuals, members of the school community, and the wider community to focus on the importance of protecting environments and 'how' to create a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action. Student awareness of sustainable patterns of living required them to consider environmental, social, cultural and economic systems, and their interdependence.

The Global Getaway Project aimed was designed to enhance and consolidate what the students had learned in class. It also focused on developing the students' knowledge and understanding of a variety of countries throughout Asia through a series of fun and innovative activities.

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School: Presbyterian Ladies' College, Armidale, NSW

Stage/Year: Stage 2 and Pre-Kindergarten

The Stage 2 and Pre-Kindergarten teachers were interested in establishing a vegetable garden in the schools grounds with the aim of raising awareness and developing an understanding of global issues related to sustainability, globalisation and cultural diversity.

School: St John’s Primary School, Lambton, NSW

Stage/Year: Year 5

The Year 5 teacher developed a six week integrated unit based on Jeannie Baker’s picture book Mirror which explores a day in the life of two boys one who lives in a rural area of Morocco, the other in inner city Sydney.  The unit addressed outcomes in English, HSIE, Creative Arts – visual art, PDHPE and RE.

School: Galilee Catholic Primary School, Bondi NSW

Year/Stage: K – 6

The teachers at Galilee aimed to raise students’ awareness of global issues through the integration of the five Global Education learning emphases. 

During one term the school focussed on one Global Education learning emphases per week.  Teachers taught one lesson in reach week into which they integrated the selected learning emphasis.  Global Education was integrated into HSIE, Science, Religious Education, English and/Global or Visual Arts. 

From these lessons each class developed a presentation on what they had learnt which was delivered at assembly.  Presentations included an insight into the many different cultural backgrounds of the students and an explanation of renewable and non-renewable energy sources and their impact on the environment.

The teachers found that the students’ classwork demonstrated an increased understanding of global issues.  They saw the term’s work as a good introduction to teaching and learning about global citizenship.

School: Auburn Girls’ High School, Auburn, NSW

Year/Stage: Year 8

The project was designed to develop teachers’ and students’ understandings and skills around numeracy and Global Education.

The Head Teacher Mathematics gained school-wide support for the planning and implementation of a cross-curriculum project that culminated in a three-day student-learning event. The event was based on the activities from the television programme The Amazing Race. Global Education provided the context for the meaningful application of students’ numeracy skills across a range of KLAs.

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