PTC NSWHomeGEMSPlanningStep 13: Method Selection

Step 13: Facilitating Method Selection

This step entails students planning and recording exactly what they are going to do in their investigation. This information can be presented in a number of ways, here are some suggestions; create a:


  • bullet point list of steps to be followed
  • series of drawings or diagrams in a flowchart
  • written procedural account


Students need to be guided so that they consider and include in their plan aspects of their investigation such as:


  • how they will take and record their data (measurements)
  • the role of the team members
  • when they can gain access to students from other classes if they are required for their investigation
  • a timeline for the various parts of the investigation over the coming weeks.



Measurement is one area where teachers need to provide sufficient practise in order to minimise errors in science investigations. Read the document How can I teach students to measure accurately? for advice on how to get students to take accurate measurements.


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