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Step 3: Selecting a Class Theme

A theme is a uniting idea that is sufficiently broad to enable it to be expanded into topics.

GEMS themes focus on the global education five learning emphases and their links to the NSW Board of Studies Science and Technology syllabus for primary schools. Integration of the global ducation learning emphases assists students to develop an appreciation of the role of science in our society.

When selecting a class theme teachers should ensure that it:

  • complements syllabus requirements
  • complements school requirements
  • provides a context that is interesting to students but also provides opportunities for manageable investigations
  • enhances teachers' ability to simultaneously address both process and content outcomes
  • supports follow-up discussions and explanations e.g. the importance of conserving energy in our modern society


Here is a list of suggested teaching themes that are broad enough to accommodate a wide range of student interest areas and to address most school teaching programs.

Suggested Class Themes

plants environment change transport
waste management building design building materials water
re-cycling and re-using climate change renewable energy sources natural disasters
materials as heat conductors/insulators collaboration and exchange of ideas packaging transport systems

Further information on the suggested themes can be found in Resources.


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