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Step 20: Science Fair

School Science Fairs provide an opportunity for validation and acknowledgement of all members of a GEMS community – students, teachers, principals, mentors, parents – where there is public appreciation for the effort and learning that has occurred.

Running a science fair

  1. Choose a date(s) and time and location for the fair
  2. Publicise the fair – the students can create posters for the range of audiences, advertise it in the school newsletter, include on the school blog, announce at assembly, invite the local media to take photographs and to write a news story
  3. Set up tables/stalls for each group of students
  4. Assist students to set up the stalls with computers for video or slide presentations, equipment for actual demonstrations and illustrative posters
  5. A good idea is to rotate students so that there are two 'explainers' at each 'stall' allowing the third to venture around and experience what other groups or classes may have discovered.


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