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Australian Museum, Sydney

Australian Museum, Sydney

The Australian Museum has a fascinating range of exhibitions to explore: Dinosaurs, Surviving Australia, Birds and Insects, Skeletons, Minerals, Search and Discover, Indigenous name just a few.

Biodiversity Trail
Students can join in the celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity. Aimed at student in Years 5-8 the Biodiversity Trail provides students with an exciting self-guided discovery trail through six different exhibitions. Educational resources can be downloaded from the museum website prior to excursions.

Evolution Trail
Students in Years 9-10 can explore evolution with a full day program through five exhibitions with the option of an educator-led hands-on investigation.

Teachers can choose an education program by key learning area
Before booking an excursion teachers are able to select a self-guided or Museum educator-led program appropriate to their students' Key Learning Area. Science, cultural and visual arts programs are available for students from pre-school to tertiary level.

For further information, bookings and educational resources visit:

6 College Street, Sydney
Opening hours: 9.30am - 5.00pm daily
Phone: 02 9320 6163
Fax: 02 9320 6072

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