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Clean Up Australia-Container refund campaign

Don’t let Coke sell us down the river

"Coca-Cola should do the right thing” was just released on Youtube.

It clearly shows how Coca-Cola is standing between all of us and a solution for bottles in the environment.

Clean Up Australia Day volunteers consistently report beverage related rubbish is a major problem. In 2010, six out of the top ten rubbish items removed were beverage related.

South Australia has proven that a 10cent deposit on drink containers is the solution - their recycling rates are 85%, versus the national average of 35%.

So why does Coca-Cola continue to fight the introduction of a container refund system?

Why did Coca-Cola threaten the Northern Territory with legal action upon the announcement of the introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme?

Why can Coca-Cola not accept what is so obvious to all of us?

Watch “Coca-Cola should do the right thing” now!

Share it with your friends, family and colleagues. The more people who like and comment on it on YouTube the clearer the message to Coca-Cola and its allies will be.



Teaching resources from Clean Up Australia

Clean Up the River - An Interactive Recycling Game

Suitable for Primary School Students, the game is:
• Curriculum-based
• Easy for teachers to use
• Fun for students
• Free

The resource is based on both the Draft National Curriculum and each state/territory curriculum, with downloadable notes available for each curriculum.

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