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State Emergency Services(SES) Resources

State Emergency Services (SES) Resources for Students and Teachers

The SES is committed to educating the community about floods and storms and also the role the organisation plays in the community.

Education and community awareness are important activities of the SES and enable the community to become better prepared, more responsive and better able to make informed decisions before, during and after an emergency.

The SES has developed specific resource packages for different levels of education, based on curriculum competencies, from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Currently packages exist for Kindergarten to Year 2 (K-2) and for Year 9 Geography. Some resources have been prepared for Stage 3 (5-6) but the complete package is still being developed. More kits and packages will be developed for other stages in the future.

SES Units are available to visit schools to talk about floods and storms and the roles that the SES plays in emergencies, as well as demonstrate the range of equipment used in these events.
The SES website contains resources developed to assist students and teachers learn about flood and storm safety.

Paddy Platypus is the SES mascot


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